Literatur for flower lovers

"Flower binding for beginners" (in swedish)

How do I bind a beautiful bouquet? How and why do you cut the flowers? How and why do you use oasis?

You will try making simple bouquets and decorations for home use. We will provide you with some basic thoughts about flower binding and material handling. You will be able to follow the work instructions step by step. They are filled with luscious pictures. You start out with a simple rose bouquet and continue on with a mixed bouquet. We will cover decorations that will make the difference at the dinner table. We introduce you to an old craft which you will use to create an adorable flowering creeper

"Flower binding, level two" (in swedish)

You who have completed our first book ”Flower Binding for Beginners” will find a marvellous sequel for your flower binding. For the one working in a shop, the book is a wonderful source of inspiration.

A selection of the book’s content is, for example, bouquets, decorations, table ornaments, and the world of colours and shapes. The work instructions for various binding techniques are described in great detail. The purpose for the books is to brighten up your everyday life with delightful flower arrangements and to inspire you to venture out binding flowers