One of the most prestigious projects for our students was creating decorations for the wedding of our future queen, Crown Princess Vicktoria. Amongst others the students made decorations with a Swedish theme that was hung 6 meters above ground along the Cortège Way and outside the Royal Palace.

Another prestigious project is the decoration of the Alfred Nobel Evening Ceremony at the blue hall in Stockholm. The project is carried out under the directions of the renowned flower arranger Gunnar Kaj. The project include, among other things, table decorations for the table of honors, pillars, and entrances (see the pictures below).


For seventeen years, the school has organised an annual flower arrangement competition for debutantes. The participants come from all the Nordic countries, and the occasion takes place at the Liseberg theme park.

Another major annual event is the decoration of the large stage at the Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg, the largest theme park in Scandinavia. The students not only create stunning wedding decorations, but also provided inspiration with flower arrangements and decorations. Here, the public is welcome to ask questions regarding their work.