Basic education, Florist/Flower Decorator

This education is at the beginner’s level and it's held in Swedish. The course duration is twenty weeks, from which 6 weeks are practical training. During the course you will learn the basics of flower binding as adapted to daily shop practices. This course is also available as a part time education. Choosing the part time option makes the basic program 40 weeks long. The advantage is that you can work in parallel.

The education provides a solid foundation for the profession. This is ensured by highlighting the traditional craftsmanship at the same time as new techniques and procedures are introduced. It also provides basic knowledge of botany, marketing, and accounting. During the in-store practical training, you will gain understanding of the daily routines, such as sales, service, and order handling. There are no prerequisites for this education.

The basic education will teach you everything you need in order to feel competent working with flowers. The Basic education involves the areas bellow at a basic level.

  • Bouquets and decorations
  • Wedding and funeral arrangements
  • Sales of cut flowers
  • Care of the most commonly sold houseplants and their Swedish and botanic names
  • Handling and care of cut flowers
  • Packaging of cut flowers and houseplants
  • Shop accounting
  • Shortcut texting
  • Exposure

The education consists of two main courses: craftsmanship and botany.

The floristry teachers lecturing the craftsmanship course have extensive training and experience in the trade. Several of them have had their own flower shop. Certain subjects are taught by guest lecturers.

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Course locations and start-up dates:

Gothenburg full-time
August 13, 2018
January 14, 2019

Gothenburg part-time
September 17, 2018


Higher education, Florist/Flower Decorator

The education takes 23 weeks and includes 5 weeks of practical training in a flower shop. This course is also available as a part time education.

You complete your floristry training and acquire knowledge in the other four genres. Special focus is placed on material combinations in order to reach a high level of craftsmanship. After completing the education, you will have a broad expertise and ability for independent work. You will also have enough knowledge to qualify for a journeyman’s certificate.

Inspirational trip

Starting spring 2011, we offer our students a special three-day inspirational trip to London. The purpose for the trip is to widen your expertise and give you greater insight into how florists around the world work. Floristry is an international profession and more and more choose to work abroad. The three days consist of demonstrations, workshops, a visit to the large flower market, and the opportunity to visit some of London’s finest flower shops.

We teach five genres during the course:

  • Decorative genre
  • Forms and shapes genre
  • Formal – linear genre
  • Vegetative genre
  • Transparent genre

 You will learn to:

  • utilise both radial and parallel grouping within the various binding styles
  • analyse materials according to form, line, colour, or texture
  • adapt the genre according to flower choice
  • create colour tones and contrast effects
  • develop feeling for proportion, completeness, and style

We will cover:

  • Swedish and botanical names of cut flowers and their care as they appear on the market
  • theme exposure
  • calligraphy texting
  • shop accounting and budgeting
  • marketing/business accounting
  • culture and style history

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