There are more fresh cut flowers and house plants at the flower market place in the wholesale district than in any other place in Gothenburg. Early every morning, florists and wholesalers meet to buy and sell flowers from all parts of the world. At the heart of this busy market place, Munkeröd Educational Centre has some of its light and airy premises.

As a student, you will have the advantage to be at the centre of the flower trade. During the entire education, you will be close to all the wholesalers and may be able to track the range and pricing of seasonal flowers, The Munkeröd Educational Centre buys cut flowers and binding accessories almost daily. This will ensure fresh cut flowers and trendy binding accessories available for your learning and creativity. Meeting many wholesalers gives you the opportunity to network for practical training and job opportunities.

Address: Blomstergatan 2. Driving directions from Mårten Krakowleden/Gas Depot (Statoil gas station): Follow the signs toward “Partihallarna”. There is free of charge parking next to “Bilbadet”. We are located in the red brick building on left inside the gates. The wholesale area’s garden and Libabröd are located in the same building.

Photographs of our premises and more information about Gothenburg may be found here.


The school in Stenungsund is located 45km north of Gothenburg. The headquarters of the company is located within the school premises. The school currently has approximately 100 students and offers high school education for craftsmanship majoring in floristry and for the aesthetic program majoring in image and design. We also have recognised adult education for both basic and level 2 florist programs as well as introductory courses and short courses for the beginner and for the more advanced.

The school in stenungsund has at its disposal apartments that we let to our full time students. The apartments are equipped with broadband internet connection which is available if you have your own subscription. Certain basic furnishings are provided. You bring the rest according to your preference.