The floristry profession

Do you have green fingers? Do you have talent for art and an eye for color and shape? If the answer is yes, floristry is something for you. Read on and find out more about this exciting and creative profession.

According to the National Encyclopedia, florist is “an international description of a person working in the flower trade. Floristry is an artistic and creative profession. It allows you to build a large network and to participate during the year’s various holidays and special events. You get to assist people to express their feelings of joy and of sorrow. As a florist, you sell flowers, house plants, and flower accessories such as pots, vases, soil, and nutrients. The floristry profession requires you to have a feeling for color, shape, and composition. Different flowers and greenery will be assembled to a beautiful and appealing unit. Orderliness, creativity, and social skills are key words for a professional florist.

Cut flowers from all corners of the world are used to create beautiful bouquets and decorations. As a florist you are a part of peoples life’s during special occasions such as weddings, funerals or that special birthday or graduation. For weddings, you will make bride’s bouquets, bridesmaid’s bouquets, children’s bouquets, and other flower decorations adorning churches as well as banquet halls. You also assist people to express their emotions at funerals by means of bouquets, decorations, wreaths, and coffin decorations.

You will also sell house plants and beautifully composed house arrangements. Deep knowledge about the most common indoor plants is required. In order to give a professional impression, you must also know their names and how to care for them. This information needs to be passed on to every customer.

As a florist, you will meet many people as part of your daily job. It is important to be a good seller, to be in a good mood, and have a pronounced sense of service. A florist may never rest. He must constantly watch trends and product news coming from, for example, decoration experts, plant growers, and other trend gurus. It is vital to create a selling storefront and selling display areas of the flowers and other products you offer.

Today’s job market for florists is relatively good. It is easy to “get a foot” in the job market since many flower shops are in great need of extra personal at holidays and events. If you would like to change career after a few years as a florist, your experience with color, shapes, sales, and display will be a merit.